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PT Sumber Kita Indah was established and dedicated as a trading company and distribution of all products from the Molindo corporate group for domestic and export markets

With a modern and strategic approach, PT Sumber Kita Indah, located in MM2100 Industrial Estate and has a sales office in the center of the commercial district of Sudirman, Jakarta, has sucessfully won the national ethanol market with the dominance of Molindo Ethanol products manufactured by PT Molindo Raya Industrial (ethanol manufacturing company, group from the Molindo corporation)
PT Sumber Kita Indah also managed to dominate the market with CO2 products namely liquid CO2 and dry CO2 or what we often call "dry ice". The products of CO2 produced by PT Molindo Inti Gas has been distributed by PT Sumber Kita Indah to become one of the most consumed products in the national market.


Integrity and Positive Thinking
Our strength

Creative, Developing and Learning
Our encouragement

Ready to accept the challenge
Our goal

Improving Work Execution
Our results


Become an ethanol trading service company with leading and innovative energy trading services in Indonesia


Providing services to customers with creativity, innovation and effective trading solutions for all related services, through reliability, maximum speed, transparency, efficiency and good relationships

Management PT. Sumber Kita Indah

  • Ir. Sandojo Rustanto President Commissioner
    Ir.  Sandojo Rustanto
  • Drs. Indra Winarno, Msi Commissioner
    Drs.  Indra Winarno, Msi
  • Handjojo Rustanto Commissioner
    Handjojo Rustanto
  • Adi Witjaksono Commissioner
    Adi Witjaksono
  • Leroy Ivander Wicaksono Commissioner
    Leroy Ivander Wicaksono

Dewan Direksi

Donny Winarno President Director
Donny Winarno

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