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PT. Sumber Kita Indah, a member of Molindo Inc, companies group is a trading company that specializes in ethanol industry since 1950. We provide services to assist our customers in delivering quality products on time. We have also expanded our warehousing facility to ensure our commitment. The strengt of our organization and staffs, founded on our reputation for commitment to excellence has enabled the company to grow become...

"One of the largest Ethanol Distributor"in Indonesia

Moreover, in answering to our customer needs in 2003 PT. Sumber Kita Indah has added carbondioxide to our list of product. We bring our outstanding proffesional organizing, planning, and execution skills to each and every customer. PT. Sumber Kita Indah has vigorously pursued a policy of building and infrastucture of unparalled skill and proficiency through the recruitment of highly qualified and experienced sales and marketing professional.

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