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By bringing the best products, we have distributed the Ethanol and liquid CO2 products with the largest market share in Indonesia

PT Sumber Kita Indah is part of the Molindo group of companies that has a role to run the distribution of Ethanol products from PT Molindo Raya Industrial, as well as various other products such as CO2, Dry Ice and Fertilizers from PT Molindo Inti Gas, to all corners of Indonesia and export markets in Asia Pacific

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PT Sumber Kita Indah is the spearhead of the marketing and distribution of products from the Molindo corporate group, namely with Molindo Ethanol and Molindo CO2; the best in Indonesia, as well as its processed waste product namely Molindo Fertilizer

With the success of the distribution and marketing methods implemented by PT Sumber Kita Indah, the product of PT Molindo Raya Industrial namely Molindo Ethanol is currently successfully dominating the market share of ethanol by around 55% of the national ethanol market and this figure will continue to accelerate as production continues to be intensified in PT Molindo Raya Industrial as a Molindo group manufacturing company.

In addition to the local market, PT Sumber Kita Indah as a trading and distribution company has successfully won recognition in the Asia Pacific export market to Australia, Europe and all other corners.

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